- before this goes to the 'bay of E' , is anyone interested in a bargain emergency starter for their Morgan?
Not to be confused with the cheapo units which contain a small Lithium battery which itself has to be fully charged before you can jump start your vehicle, this unit contains capacitors.
You can charge it (in a couple of minutes) from a nearly dead car battery (one that certainly would not start the car) and then wait a further minute or two and it puts out enough juice to start the car.
I bought it for the Aero8 when Sealey first introduced it.When testing it out,it sometimes struggles with the 4.4 litre ,V8 so I went for a larger capacity version (the E Start 1600 - at more than double the price).

Sealey state that this 800A model is fine for up to 3 litre Petrol and 2 litre Diesel - so most Morgans should be fine.

Link to Amazon listing here -


From the Sealey listing -

• Innovative technology with no internal battery so no need to wait hours for the unit to charge before use.
• Simple and safe to use with no long term battery storage issues.
• Can be fully energised in approximately two minutes.
• If the vehicle battery is faulty or is holding less than 5 volts the E/START800 can be pre-charged via another vehicle's battery, the supplied Micro USB charging cable or the 12V accessory lead.
• Compact and lightweight for easy handling and storage, yet still delivers the same result as heavy, bulky, lead acid battery equivalents.
Ideal for the professional mechanic and DIY users.
Nett Weight:
Output Start Peak(EN):

Apart from testing it out it has been little used ( - more of an insurance against getting stranded!) ,comes complete with box, carry bag and instructions.

I’m looking for £75, posted ; message me if you need any more information or details….

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