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If I only had space for one car - I would keep my Range Rover over anything else as it offers less compromises for what I need a car to do than any other car I have owned.

The SUV bashing on this forum does make me laugh - do you really all drive so fast that the better handling and aerodynamics of an estate make that much difference to your every day life ?

Perhaps I am just getting old, but I can't think of a single good quality estate that has any form of ride quality what so ever, which just makes driving any distance (which I do a lot of) very wearing.

SUV's? Big and unwieldy. Undeserving of the "S". Rarely much bigger on the inside. Harder to park. Compromised ride...…….is my experience of riding in a selection over the years.

Some can corner with electronic aids, sure, but that adds weight and like Heathrows extension, laughable in todays world of climate change.

But the SUV is the vehicle of choice without a doubt. And it excels on the school run and the supermarket visit, neither of which seem to have big enough spaces to park.

As you can see, I wouldn't touch one with a long stick...….
They just don't do it for me at all.

If I had to live with one car, right now it would be our Polo GTI

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