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I don’t think I’m bashing SUV’s

I had three and quite enjoyed them when I had them but now much prefer my 5 series Msport Touring. I’m in to my second one in 4 years

No body roll, limpet grip, super comfy, perfectly balanced and effortless to drive plus lots of load space

I’ve driven my friends X6 quite a bit and it’s definitely more tiring driving around country lanes with just that bit of extra body movement and higher centre of gravity

Gosh, how fast are you driving on those country lanes when the difference in roll-centre between a 5 Touring and an X6 is enough to make the X6 more tiring? hide

The 'dynamics' argument against SUVs makes me laugh - unless you rag a modern SUV beyond 8/10ths (in which case the issue is behind the wheel, not the car itself) the handling is largely indistinguishable from a large estate car.

Conversely, I find that the higher eyeline of an SUV allows views over hedges and through corners and is a much more relaxing (and probably safer) way to tackle the country lane access to our property. Granted, I probably don't drive any of my cars the same way as a typical X6 driver. smile

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"There's no skill substitute like cubic inches."