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Despite having a supercharged V8 engine, I would hesitate to call my Range Rover a 'sports' utility vehicle. It's quick for something the size of a small library, but it's not a sports car. It's a big 4x4 that does everything very capably.

I'm not totally sure why but I still don't see the Range Rover proper (not the squashed ones) as an SUV to me they are a stylish 4x4 and that has not changed somehow. I have no use for one but would not hesitate in owning one they exude a certain class too unlike any others to me.
We have shedloads of them down here and a couple of the Bentley versions which really do look like a pimps car.

You and MJF clearly have the need and put yours to good use and I think you still have youngsters needing ferrying around with their kit.

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