We are kind of mixing up a couple of things...

Looking at the Cullinan and this size of SUVs we don`t have to think about practical sense - do we?

For the smaller sizes it does matter, what you try to do with these cars? The boot of the estate versions is bigger most of the time when compared to their direct competition mopdel SUVs. Higher mpg and better aerodynamics come with it.

For the small path to the cottage I have to be honest to myself as I can do it as good with the mog as my grandparents did with the Beetle.

We did not mention vans yet. Don`t know what I would have done with three kids without a van. VW Caddy Maxi and the Microbus California. Really good years to remember!

And perfect combination with a roadster, because no matter how you organise. There can`t be more than two on the one side;)

Running a van a roadster is more than welcome on the other side.

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