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Progress to date …(hope you're not bored !!!!)


It is only when you undertake a project like this that you realise how each Morgan is different in measurements ..even on the same car from side to side !!!

I have not made any changes to the top itself and only fitted 2 removable body fittings as per the LM62 fittings.

So I had to modify the spare pair of side screens .

Simply had to strip the screens and elongate the slots in the stainless steel fittings.

As I'm sure you know stainless is not easy to drill so I bought a 10mm Dormer bit (£8),measured many times,drilled a hole with lots of lubricant and then using an angle grinder (my favourite tool!) elongated the slot

So far so good !!!..Its actually great to drive around without the lower half in this warm spell.

I have decided to make some removable lower parts from shiny shiny aluminium .

Thoughts on cardboard template please ?

Notice fitted cockpit vents.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

that looks great Kev. - very impressed so far thumbs

re. the cardboard template - not sure it would stand up to the wet weather; maybe aluminium sheet would work better..... innocent


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