That is four great, absorbing, intriguing races on the bounce. What a great season so far for all fans.
Today was exhausting to watch but a fantastic advert of great skill from both drivers and teams alike (especially the strategists such as James Vowles). I thought Kvyat and Albon really showed Gunther how team mates can race and show respect to the team paying their wages. Well done Mclaren and Sainz/Norris! As much as I’m not a massive Max fan I think he really showed Lewis how you can be magnanimous in second, especially impressive for such a young lad working for Horner who doesn’t know the meaning of the word humble!
Top notch viewing. Having been to Spa three times, I cannot wait for the second half to begin back there at the end of the month/beginning of September - it’s a fantastic place to see a race...

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