Welcome from the Pacific Northwest. Don't give up on those wet Fall, Winter and Spring days. My climate is similar to Yours and I find those gloomy wet days an interesting challenge. No ice or snow or salt however. I avoid these like the plague. I try to also avoid as much as possible the Interstates (Motorways). One of My Morgans is a '63 +4-4Str. Comfortable to drive and lots of room for luggage. Sure it leaks. A lot. But a pair of nylon overalls and rain coat and what ever is needed to keep Me warm and I am on My way and often take a guest (I am a Widower) or a good book. As I live in Seattle, in the Winter I often head for the Ocean where it is wet but mostly mild. The Japanese Current keeps us warm in the Winter. Much like SW Ireland where the Gulf Of Mexico does its magic.