Have just got rid of 20+ of the family who came for lunch to celebrate(or should that be commiserate) SWMBO & I being wed for 45 years to the day. Incidentally 24th August was the day that Vesuvius erupted and buried Pompeii & Herculaneum - so a jolly date all round then! As usual the attention was for the Morgan on the drive and never mind the erstwhile bride & groom.
Great weather so we were able to send them outside. Same again tomorrow but this time for old friends some of whom I`ve not seen for over twenty years. So back to food prep & washing up ready for the morrow.
Have a great Bank Holiday and get out in the Mog - I shall be out on Monday as the weather looks ideal for a blkast - and also for the coming week so I hope to clock up a few local miles around Derbyshire. wine

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