I could look on Lotus forums and probably will however I know there are a number of you on TM who have owned and run Lotus.

I was looking at An Evora on the way home last week and it looked very good, I have always had an eye for the later Exige as well. I may be doing a higher mileage again soon with a new enterprise I am part of and so the ML63 becomes a bit of a lump. Lovely and comfy but 18mpg is a bit of a liability. There are lots of sensible cars but we know where that conversation is heading.

So can anyone with experience of an Aero of most generations give me a steer on the logic of running either a reasonable Evora or Exige S3 as a daily ? Fragile, Servicing, Tyres, Comfort. I am happy to put up with a degree of effort as I ran a 968CS for years but am no longer as flexible and la la as I was then!

All feedback welcome. Or other suggestions to make work drives around the UK fun again.

Just time to burn a little more petrol before dinner.