Just done the tour today ( stopped off on my way north to do the north coast of Scotland). Great tour! Excellent tour guide (Martin, I think is his name - archivist to MMC). Lots of Plus 6 in build - they said they have 200 + orders for the 6 and, probably, a delivery date of mid next year for orders placed today!
Yes, RBW, you see almost every part of the build (not actually inside the paint shop for obvious clean room reasons) - truly impressive to see the craftsmen and women creating such masterpieces! The museum is not to be missed!
Had chance spend half an hour to get up close and personal with a plus 6 - very nice piece of kit! Now could I justify it to swmbo....? Our guide has 3 Morgan's - so clearly I have a target to aspire to!

2003 +8 35th Anniv. Model
1996 Jaguar XJS Celebration