I shall come clean and admit to being entirely monogamous!

Currently fiddling with TalkMorgan settings and have now lost direct access to forum threads. Not sure how I landed back here which is where I wanted to be in the first place?

In answer to your question I am definitely not building up a dealership, harem or whatever the collective noun for a mog of Morgan’s is!

The 4/4 Sport was upgraded primarily due to its very basic specification.
The Roadster was declared beyond economic repair following an interesting rev-hang related incident about 6 months ago.
Themorganeer now has a wonderful, well behaved and perfect in every way Plus 4. Tempted to name it Third Time Lucky!

Would post a pic or two if I knew how. Not being the sharpest techy on the block I don’t understand the jargon used in the Help section. There’s always one.....


2015 Plus4