Yes electric power only removes the pollution not the congestion.

I remember one day at work a lady complaining about the walk from the car park, as she gets in about 8:30am the small car park right next to the building is full so she has to walk 300 metres to the main car park. About 200 people working in that building ride pushbikes to work so I though to myself if we all drove then chances are she wouldn't even get a park in the main car park and have to park further away like maybe 500 metres.

As parking prices go up and congestion gets worse I notice a lot more people on the bike paths which I think is a good thing, apart from the ones riding electric bikes that don't seem to have the experience to handle a bike well but riding at the speeds of experienced riders or even faster and I am sure are going to cause an accident sooner or later.

If the concept of driver less cars ever hits our streets I can imagine congestion getting even worse. At the moment the number of cars on the road is controlled by the number of licensed drivers. So maybe dad drives to work and mum drops off the kids on the way to her work, then maybe the kids catch a bus home and raid whatever they can find in the fridge. In the future I see a possibility where dad goes to work, mum goes to work, the two kids go in different driver-less Uber cars because they are at different schools, then the kids come home also via driver-less cars, don't like what is in the fridge so order Macdonalds via their phone to turn up via one driver-less car and ice-cream from somewhere else to turn up in another driver-less car.