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All this talk of electric cars to reduce pollution at the point of use is very laudable in as much as the nasty emissions will reduce the green house effect, however what are we going to do about all the cow, sheep, horse and goat farts that happen every day?
That is a vast amount of methane going into the atmos and if you take it to ludicrous limits what about us as humans? Just a thought on a wet Saturday!!

Well Reg the Argies are way ahead of us in that department at least in the trials stages, this image is from 2014 and the take off seems to be prior to the rear box so should be silent in operation juggle

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Rain what rain, it's been 18C here and full on sunshine at the Kingsbridge Agricultural Show and the air was full of Horse, Cow, Sheep, Camel and Farmer fart but we all survived another years exposure cheers and it is far more preferable than the BS emanating from London Village on the bank of the Thames.
The Camel Racing and Tractor Football were good spectator events, a great day out meeting old friends for a catch up.

Regards Richard

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