Excellent story in the Times about a chap who died after having sex with a woman whilst away on a business trip was found to be the victim of a workplace accident, for which his employer is in part responsible. Excellent example of how daft French employment law can be, and why I (and many employers) are pretty sanguine about the stuff that comes out of Brussels, which can seem tame by comparison.


I like the reference to FĂ©lix Faure, the President who died in his office in the ElysĂ©e Palace whilst being fellated by a 30 year old woman. After the event, she was known as "La pompe funebre", and Georges Clemenceau coined a witty epitaph for Faure "Il voulait ĂȘtre CĂ©sar; il ne fut que PompĂ©e" (he wanted to be Caesar, but ended up as Pompey, alternatively, he wanted to be Caesar and ended up having oral sex).

(Pomper in French is also slang for performing oral sex on a man).

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