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Following on from my post above, have just ordered the front RS kit from Dan who already has them in the post to me. He did a deal minus shocks and steering bearings as I have them already.

Following Peter's convincing arguments ended up ordering the matching Spax adjustables. Finished the fit late this afternoon with just enough time for a short test drive. Still need to tune them to the worst of Norfolk roads but gratifying to find in the short run that front now matches the back in ironing out most bumps. Car seems more chuckable as well with super sensitive steering.

Needless to say the second side was stripped and rebuilt in half the time of first although I did release spring tension with a jack. Would suggest it's ideally a two man job to replace using same method though. Bizarre that I did find a kingpin bump stop on second (offside). Left it out of rebuild for symmetry as definately not present on other side. Bump stop's on dampers with RS kit anyway.

Anyone want a pair of front adjustable AVO's, only 6000 miles from new innocent

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