Hello meabh,

at first 10.000 EURs are a lot of money. In germany I must pay a lot of tax too, but only "peanuts". As I order my MOG I only think about the old german taxsytem. And I just double the tax of our daily POLO.

As I get the invoice: ups... Something wrong. Not wrong, a lot of CO2. (Also the "new" 205gr).

But there was a sentence from a wellknown Brit: (nearly in this sence) The joy keep on, when the money is forgotten.

And: do a lot of kilometres with the mog... So the tax per mile will went down. That was also an idea I give to friend.
He build up a "high performance" 2stroke engine for his VESPA GS4. About 2000EURs change the owner, but after it was fitted the fun was big. For a little bit more than 6.000KM. He was very unhappy when the engine stops its work.
But I told him: don't worry, only 33Cent/ Kilometre... It's a good price for the fun you've fot.


2018 plus4