My sympathies.

When I ordered my 4/4 in 2010, the CO2 emissions were 139,6 g/cm. “Happy days” thought I - there is a break point in French company car tax at 140g/km. The car was delivered in April 2011, but since my order had been re-homologated to meet Euro 5, which came in on 1st Jan. Under Euro 5 the car was rated at 143g/km, which more than doubled my annual tax on it (about 800 extra per year times 5 years).

Of course, at the time I ordered it, Morgan wouldn’t have known what the new homologation results would be, nor the impact it would have on me. So I sucked it up and just enjoyed the car, as Rene recommends.

Dare I say, that the depressed exchange rate of the pound will have offset quite a lot of the 10k.

A bitter pill indeed,but we’re you to return the car to the uk, the loss you’d suffer on resale of such a recent car would be about the same, so I guess you’ll just have to
Pay the malus.

Giles. Mogless in Paris.