I came across this on an EU site:

Before September 2017, all cars at dealerships had CO2 values based on the old NEDC test (the New European Driving Cycle).
During the period of transition from NEDC to WLTP that started in September 2017, cars approved before then will continue to have CO2 values as measured under the NEDC test only.
However, when a new car type is certified under WLTP after September 2017, its official vehicle documents (the Certificate of Conformity) will have CO2 emission values from both the new lab test as well as the old one.
From September 2018, all new cars must have WLTP-CO2 values

The new test is unrealistic - it requires high speed testing at speeds that are illegal in all my a few miles of autobahn.

My guess is that the OP has been caught up in the changeover process - the car hasnt changed and its real life emissions havent changed but the statutory measurements have changed. Meantime there are "new" cars in the distribution chain that were made before september 2008 which will have the old data or both data. I suppose it might depend on your defimnition of "new" - is that at first registration or when the car leaves final assembly.

Dont forget that VW had to stop sales at one point because of the logjam of testing required for the new system so where would a minow like Morgan fit in the queue?

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