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Back on topic with a plot twist: I thought that I would phone the Paris importer, Beaumont Automobiles, because they have a new P4 with a co2 list of 164 and my Carte Grise application is held up because they claim 217. Any way, the chap I spoke with asked if I had the 110 model, which I do and then explained that the reason my tax was so high is because I had had the discount, i.e. the £8000 worth of freebies from Morgan. I think that I am losing my mind. If anyone cares to check their site, the P4 is the one with led headlights.

If I have understood everything right what you write... It sounds like a farce. A bureaucratic nightmare! What does your dealer's statement mean that you entered the high emissions because you saved money on the equipment? Is the dealer too stupid or too reluctant to help you? Why doesn't MMC obviously care how the customer copes with listless or incompetently thrown together COCs?

How is one supposed to explain oneself except that it is unmotivated arbitrariness that exactly the same car is offered with the dealer at clearly smaller emission values? I looked at his web page. Or there is some missing info which could explain everything and my rant is unfair.
If nobody wants to help you, get a lawyer. I'd be more than outraged if I were you. Especially if you take into account all the consequences Gambalunga has told.

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