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Thierry and Peter,
How is it possible that the co2 can be altered like this ? And an alteration to the co2 emissions makes a difference of 3000 euros on the carte grise. I have phoned the factory but have been passed from one person to another and have to call back tomorrow.

There is only two possible explantions. One is that an error was made in the new system of measuring emmisions which has now been corrected, or alternatively there was a simple error in transcribing the measurements.

I suppose there is a third possibility and that is that the re-map that has been done for cars fitted with the GDI engine has lowered the output of CO2 significantly, Other than a claimed increase in power there is also a claimed increase in fuel economy, lowered fuel use equates directly to reduced CO2. Certainly the reported black coating in the inside of the exhaust pipe that people say has been improved following the re-map points to an overly rich mixture.


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