A friend received ab email from her brother a couple of days ago. The email stated that he was in hospital and undergoing therapy for cancer. It went on to say that he hadn't told anyone because he did not want anyone to know at this time so please keep it quite. It then stated that he desperately needed a sum of money and gave instructions on how to send it.

Naturally our friend was very upset and tried to phone her brother and started to get really worried when her brother did not answer the phone.

Finally her brother saw here missed calls and called her back. It turns out that her brother's email account had been hacked and that it was a complete fraud, The fraudster, having access to previous emails, was able to put together a convincing story which seemed to be real. Fortunately she did not send the requested money but the whole episode has really shaken her.

Needless to say they have both taken action to change passwords etc.

This may be may be an indication of a new type of fraud, so if you get an email like that be aware that it is most probably an attempt at fraud and don't panic. .

As they say: forewarned is forearmed.


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