You're a little minx..

I think it's fair to say Mr KevFitz is enjoying a prank here, chaps.. Sadly, it isn't mine..!

I was lucky enough to wrestle the keys out of the real owner and have half an hour out on the greasy November roads around Malvern, in a car that boasts 320bhp and no traction control, all whilst wearing a new pair of shoes.. What could possibly go wrong..?? Gulp..

Lovely car to drive, most amazing of which is the newly found cockpit space. Despite being a few inches north of six feet in height, I could easily sit with my legs almost straight and still have a notch or two on seat movement to spare. There is no sitting awkwardly like in the Brooklands, no unnatural splaying of feet or knees and a much wider exit with longer doors.

Oh, and an auto box...with paddles...and sport modes...which were left firmly in the box on those greasy roads..!! The brown interior leather was a purposeful choice, no doubt..

No-one's clocked the passenger yet, either..

Not too sure that Dove Grey is 'me', and those wheels should be grey, but what a car..

Would I have one..? On cockpit space alone, a very resounding yes.

The CX drives unlike any other Morgan though, and I have to say that an auto box suits the model so well.

Now....where's my letter to Santa gone...