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I must say I'm sold on the CX chassis...the drive in the Factory demo car clearly demonstrated the smooth comfortable ride at high speed on roads round Malvern that in a Trad require both hands on the wheel and a very bumpy ride.

Still too quiet for me even with the sports exhaust.but that could be sorted.

Definitely end of an era with regards to driver maintenance.

Neoprene will still be needed to stop leaks and one of the gauges was misted up...felt quite at home ...hee hee !!!

The extra cabin room is welcome and I could envisage long hours in the saddle in this car..it could be the complete Morgan..a great daily driver,enthusiastic sports car and gt cruiser.

Well done Morgan..I look forward to Geneva and the next CX model

Anybody want to buy a +4 Supersports ? !!!!!

No , don;t do it , continue improvements to the SS but a CX would be 'refined' and 'sophisticated' and could get a tad dull after the initial love in ?? love

SBM - Are you sure you don't want one ? Plus 6 that is !

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Geneva 2016 plus 8' The Green Godess' 4 side exits .