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Play nicely boys.

I'm personally not a fan of fly by wire systems but all modern cars use them and as a generalisation they are very reliable. Even a throttle return spring can break and leave the throttle wide open on older cable operated cars.

However Chris, if it really was as dramatic as you suggest, there would have almost certainly have been fatalities or at least serious accidents and the VCA would be crawling all over Morgan to resolve the issue. I'm certainly not aware that this is the case.

I'm sure there are some rev hang issues (I'm not a Roadster owner) but I don't think unsubstantiated scare mongering helps.

If however it is as bad as you say, and you have evidenced it first hand, who have you reported it to?

In response to your query - Yes absolutely - full facts reported to DVSA, following zero interest from MCC, complete with independent witness details.

DVSA's comment on receipt of report "Unfortunately, as you are no longer the owner of the vehicle then any communications between DVSA and the manufacturer with regards to this matter, are considered non-disclosable".

I have no issue with this and have since moved on, but feel duty bound to warn of the potential risk associated with this particular car under certain road conditions.

Trust this clarifies.

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