Nick, thanks for taking the time to provide an insight to the complexity around something as "simple" as choosing the correct oil for a machine... (-: Oh for a return to the simple life..(-: But wait climate change will perhaps take us back there... (-:

There are two sides to every coin, though perhaps more these days..(-: One amongst us reckons he may have wrecked a Stag engine perhaps with low or no oil pressure start ups..? Whereas another seems to hint at engines can lie for years.. but then what..?

Condensation vs dry bearings, be they in the engine or the cooling fan in older Mogs... You chose, but as I suggested I doubt lengthy lay-up was ever part of the initial design criteria of motor vehicles...? Sure you can go to Youtube and find folk firing up old engines for the first time in many a year.... ME..? I think I might be inclined to try to introduce some pressure into the lube system and more, call me mechanically sympathetic..(-:

Digitisation in terms of engine protection..? Ign circuit inhibited for three seconds of the engine spinning on start up request, prior to sparks being generated, seems entirely reasonable if not programmed to allow oil pressure build up then what...?

As an alternative, "modern" design criteria, I think that a Porsche 997 runs the fuel pump for 3 seconds when the drivers door handle is operated on entry... quite the opposite of the expectations of others perhaps..? My guess is that with specific modern oils tighter engineering tolerances Porsche think was to ensure minimum battery drain and quick fire up, given all the electrical consumption that modern digital machinery places upon the battery when the car is not in use, even for short periods...?

Of course as Nick put together a comprehensive guide as to the criteria relative to oil types and their design function, it does indeed seem that modern engineering requirements may differ from that of the past, and Morgans span a considerable period of engineering advance..? I suspect the lean burn engines run hotter thus around that time design of much changed, increased reliance of cooling fans etc.etc. I suspect oil design was in the mix too..? These days it seems some oils are designed to last for the life of some machinery, thinking some Ford gearboxes fitted to Morgans may have no drain plugs..? How many new vehicles have grease nipples anywhere...(-:

I guess it helps to try to understand that which you might wish to achieve, and what YOUR priorities might be relative to the well being of your Morgan.....

If my carb fed Morgan lies for a while as it has done for much of it`s existence, it is likely that the fuel in it`s carbs may have evaporated, and it can take quite a few seconds of the fuel pump ticking merrily to refill the float bowls... BUT.. the fuel pump does not run unless there is oil pressure and to create oil pressure takes the engine being turned over for some period of time until the oil pressure switch detects that pressure build up and closes it`s contacts... all this after a lay up period of time enough for the fuel to evaporate.... Poor old battery... what are the chances of loosing out on that first run in the sun after Winter.if your Mogs wiring operates as does mine..?

I would be grateful if any other early +8 owners out there, know the wiring and operation of their fuel pump could describe it`s method of operation and how it might be wired, or provide a link to the appropriate web page, GoMoG or otherwise..?