Well, it’s coming up to a year since the build of Florence began (Feb 2019) and it’s raining outside so I thought I’d post an update to this thread...mainly for those who perhaps are new to Morgan’s or read but don’t post/join in on TM.
Florence arrived at her new home on the 15th March 2019.
Was it worth the angst? Was it worth the stress? Was it was worth the lack of sympathy and understanding?
Bloody hell (excuse my language) YES. Thrice yes and then some.
Whilst I am not a fettler there has been the odd change, with the gratitude of Team HB to the TM Massive for their ideas. These include neck rolls for our seats (big help), fluffy seatbelt cover for Lady HB (much less sore around the collarbone) and an upgraded Alpine stereo plus a separately obtained remote unit that works v well indeed. Oh and she now has a new personalised “MOG” numberplate, which I always said I wouldn’t get (the car not Lady HB). Oh and we had a portrait done by an Italian painter/artist who generally only does Fiat 500s or Alfa’s.
We have done only 4500 miles but this was restricted in the last 3 months due to an ankle/hip op in Team HB. During the period we have undertaken trips to Vale of Dean, Yorkshire Dales, North York moors, Devon, Cornwall, Donington, all round East Anglia and the (mainly East) Mids. All as individual holidays and trips.
And every bloomin’ second of it was worth the wait. The smiles, the waves, the chats at petrol stations, the photos all show what a fantastic, traditional, welcoming, inclusive brand of car that we share the love of.
She hadn’t been washed once, but v regularly has the detailer used in abundance along with the glass cleaner (only using microfibre).
She is going in next weekend for her first annual service and, as well as trying to resolve little niggling leaks and things like an inability to fill up without the pump saying “sod off” to me, I am also getting a remote greasing kit fitted as I really am not flexible enough to reach down with those angles!!!
Anyone who is contemplating getting a Morgan I have to say you really should go for it. Owning and driving it helps my mental wellbeing massively (though not necessarily my pocket!) and you meet some brilliant, friendly, occasionally doolally, people who know what you are experiencing in respect of the same feelings and emotions!
Just go for it (or at least try one for an hour or two).
Oh and Lady HB does still think I’m obsessed.
Kind regards

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