HB my husband and I ordered our Morgan Plus4 110 Anniversary Model in July 19. It is planned that we will be collecting it in March. We got caught up in the "did not pass emissions problems in October 19", then could not collect after that as we were away on our hols, then it was Xmas and New Year and lastly decided to wait for the weather to improve and at the same time get 2020 reg.

My husband seems to be quite calm about the whole thing, however I am starting to wring my hands together as I just cannot cope with the stress of waiting this long to get my wee baby home.

We have joined the Morgan Sportscar Club as well as the Scottish Jock Mog. We have various bits and pieces recorded on sky so that I have have my Morgan five minute fix each evening in an endeavour to keep me sane.

I completely sympathize with you HB and, as for myself, roll on March.


2020 Morgan Plus 4 110 Anniversary. “Bamm-Bamm”
Volvo S60 R Design T5 “Pebbles”