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Just as a supplement, I found this article interesting and I had posted it here in the Welcome Forum a year ago. Basically, it is about getting good results for a BRG on the basis of modern water-based paints




Thanks, I found that article a couple of years ago but forgot about it so thanks for bringing it back up, I will definitely get a sample painted up with his final result as that car looks good. Maybe another piece with that on one side and the BMW Boston green. Still not 100% sure if a metallic sparkle would look good on a MGB or not. It looks good on the couple of Morgans I have seen and I guess both are classic looking bodies with more curves and chrome bits than the typical new car.

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Those seats look like they are going to need a good bit of articulation to get in and out of!

Yes, I have no idea how he got in and out with the hardtop on. Seeing those seats I can understand why the workshop put some other seats in just for me to have a drive and get the car registered.