I thought I would add this footnote as a form of a tribute to Peter Knox-Dick, better known to long term TM’ers as RubyMorgan.

My opening post of this tread tells the sad story of Peter and his bush fire-related accident.

I first met Peter in 2011 when I went searching for a second hand Morgan. His “Ruby” Morgan was the first car I looked at.
The “Ruby” colour turned out to be “Rolls Royce Tudor Red” in official parlance and I was so impressed with the colour that I ordered it for my 4/4 once I decided to buy brand new.

Regrettably, Peter’s health prospects have not improved. As a result of his accident he is permanently paralysed below the waist and has now been moved to a care facility for the rest of his life. His country home has been sold along with his beloved cars – it could hardly be a more distressing outcome.

Australia and my region in particular was hard hit in the 2019 bush fire season. I have always believed in “doing something” when issues around your demand attention so I am pleased to report that after 6 months of COVID interrupted training, extensive online course work and a final 3-hour practical assessment today, I have now been accepted as a New South Wales Rural Fire Service volunteer in the magnificently named local brigade of Wallaby Joe.

I drove home from the assessment in 24-degree heat and it’s still the middle of winter here so heaven knows what summer will bring.

I will try and visit Peter when next I travel to Sydney but in the meantime, wish me luck as the next bushfire season is not far off.

I am on the far right,(wearing glasses) of the attached photo where all the candidates are appropriately socially distanced……
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