Hi Gary,

Thanks for the update, that is extremely sad news. I do remember back in Jan 2003 during the Canberra bushfires climbing on the roof and slipping but luckily didn't come off, later on I read more people got seriously injured falling off roofs than getting burn't. Reading your post about Peter makes me even more scared about getting up on the roof but unfortunately the gum trees about here fill the gutters up pretty quickly.

I notice you are in a Yellow outfit, around 2004 I joined the Canberra Community Fire Unit that is the volunteer run part of the local fire brigade and we wear a blue outfit so we can be easily distinguished from the professionals. My outfit was tight during the fires last year and now that I have been working from home sitting in front of a computer do 50 hour weeks rewriting code trying to get some performance on our machines (I expect COVID has caused number of transactions to have increased over 500%) I am sure the outfit will be very tight or not fit at all, I should probably try it now and see if I can get a bigger one issued to me.

I remember last December/January with temperatures of around 43 degrees and smoke so thick I could only see maybe 100 metres, add to that the Hail storms, floods and Coronavirus this year is one I don't really want to repeat. I just hope we don't get fires like last year again.