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January 20th, 2020....
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It's time to show active support .

My local Rural Fire Service will be holding its first volunteer training session at its magnificently named "Wallaby Joe" facility.
Training starts at 6.30pm tonight.

I will be there....

It has been a long process but I am pleased it is done. Now the real work begins....

Congratulations well done. Could do with you and your fellow Firefighters out here in Colorado we have 7 wildfires blazing one at over 60,000 acres no containment another approaching 50,000 acres with no containment. It is very hot and dry the monsoon rains didn't happen and the snow is forecast to arrive later this year. Going to be a long summer.

Thankyou britmog.
Australia was very grateful for the support U.S. firefighters provide during the last bush fire season.
COVID will make this a more difficult season but all of us in Oz ask you to stay safe and well.

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