I found this on Face book. Seems sad and I don't understand how the large Company I expect it is would benefit from preventing sales of old style cars, Surely anyone interesting in purchasing a S100 is not interested in a more modern style of car, the only manufacturer I see benefiting from this is Morgan,

I have today received the e-mail below from Roger Williams:


This is to advise your readers of events concerning Suffolk Sportscars Ltd.


Roger Williams joined the Jaguar Drivers Club in 1965. He bought and restored a neglected 1932 SSII. Between 1960 and 1965 he was employed by Botwoods Ltd, the Jaguar main dealers in Ipswich. He was trained as a Jaguar engineer for 5 years.

In the following 50 years he personally owned at least a dozen new Jaguar cars; many more XK models were restored over many years.

Suffolk Sportscars Ltd was created in 1995 to manufacture replica cars , all using XJ/XK Jaguar components. The business grew very well and continued successfully until late 2019.

In late 2019 a large car manufacturer forced the company to cease and to stop making replicas. The manufacturers declared that use of their logos, designs and trademarks were not allowed. All appeals were rejected. Therefore no new replica cars can be made by Suffolk Sportscars Ltd.

Fortunately the company were able to carry out garage service work locally and to do engineering work for customers in Europe .

By mid February, the Covid 19 pandemic was expanding its devastating effects all over the World. In March the company faced total lockdown. The Government offered all employees a furlough scheme but all work had to stop for almost 5 months. We could not process any workshop orders, nor sales, no cash flow and difficulty to respond to customers enquiries.

In June, the directors Roger and Fraser Williams assessed the prospects for the company in the future.
With no new orders, no county shows, no travel and much less confidence from customers life became difficult.
Manufacturing of parts was restricted, created an ongoing problems for supply to customers.

After and seeking much professional and legal advise on trademarks, copyrights and company rescue, the company was obliged to go into liquidation with its creditors on August 11th 2020.

During 25 years of successful trading; Suffolk Sportscrs created almost 400 new replicas. Each car fulfilled the dreams of enthusiastic Suffolk classic owners all over the world. The Suffolk cars will live on for decades; so too will the thousands of memories associated with them.

All owners of Suffolk cars will still need maintenance, service, parts supplies and advise. A small new company is being formed by Philip Glanville; along with members of the Suffolk team. They will provide a full maintenance for all the original Suffolk cars, along with specialist service for all Jaguar cars.

Please contact Philip and Mike Tink at Suffolk Classic Services Ltd.
01728 745055 info@suffolkclassicservices.com


Roger Williams