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Do you guys ever bid on any of these auctions ?

I must confess, I have developed a bit of a habit of buying art online at auction. There are 4 British painters whose work I collect. I have them logged with sites that flag up when they have work being sold at auction. I think I've been pretty successful at it, my wife is ok with it, and my daughter reckons I have a problem and should get help.

Pandy, the problem with bidding at these auctions from Australia are our regulations and distance. To import a vehicle to Australia you need to get an import approval first so it is unlikely you will get that in time. You could take the risk, buy the car, have it stored and take your chances with the authorities. I acknowledge you would probably get approval for most of the vehicles on BaT however the import regulations, while not insurmountable, are significant and potentially expensive.

My interest with BaT centers on the wide range of vehicles submitted to an auction process that provides excellent price discovery and tends to draw an extensive log of commentary, much of which is interesting and offen well informed.

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