John V6 has a very similar picture of the LED sidelight bulbs in headlamp comparison taken in the garage. On a recent jaunt though followed by two Brookland Roadsters, it was the further one with the smiley (ARV6 style) LED's that showed up best in moderate daylight. It seems the powerful single light source gets diluted over the surface of the headlamp reflector to be an effective DRL.

Not a particularly good photo example here since camera angle too high but all three have sidelights on with John's on the right and the Tony's ARV6 type on the left.

[Linked Image]

ETA: Just spoken to Duncan at Classic Car LED's and ordered 4 x BA9s warm white number plate LED's to replace the 4w filament bulbs, all of which had blackened glass suggesting close to end of life. Having checked the indicators flashed correctly (70/min) with a red test LED, have also ordered a set of amber ones for the full monty. It seems the BCU wants to see some current draw but it doesn't have to be fully equivalent to filament bulbs to flash correctly.

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