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Don't take too much from the headlamp glare in those pictures, because the camera doesn't show up the definition.

The Cibie units on my Plus 4 provide the sharpest dipped beam cut off. The Wipacs now on my Roadster are not quite so good as the Cibies, but more defined than the Halo units.

I appreciate the difficulties in getting a fair and representative photo to demonstrate headlamp performance but accepting this here is mine for comparison, taken when evaluating my dedicated "E" marked LED headlamps from Powerful UK, the Land Rover lighting specialists.

[Linked Image]

Note the defined cutoff and lack of splatter and spill above, far superior to the high power halogens on the left in both intensity and width but more importantly in reduced splatter. Also note the contrast and how dark the bricks are above and to the right of the LED's cutoff, light that would otherwise have a component to add glare to an oncoming driver.


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