And tomorrow morning I'll cock a leg over my 155bhp bike. No DRL, no ABS, no Traction Control, no Idiot lights (removed) and have a blast out with my mates. No other safety equipment mandated bar my £25 'Piss Pot' helmet.

I will also wear jeans, jacket and gloves, because it'll be cold and it will keep me warm and safer. However I am very pleased that (currently) this is my choice rather than by compulsion.

Ultimately, we all have different views on how much risk we want to accept in our lives, but state control takes away that freedom of choice from all of us.

As I said before, constantly mandating for stupidity is a race to the bottom, and we could ultimately lose the things we enjoy. No ABS/Traction Control/Air Bags/Lane assist on your Morgan? Sorry, you can't use them on the road.......

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