Howard when you can, just test drive a range of EV's, see what suits you. I didn't buy a Tesla as they don't do it for me I bought a small battery EV the Honda e. It suits me for my commute to work, comfortable entry and exit which is prime concern for me these days, have the family tank (Volvo) for those times when well be able to go away again. I only charge at home and at Tesco when shopping so public charging isn't really a thing that concerns me at the moment.

It's very difficult advising anyone to buy a particular car, there is a lot more choice at the moment and even more coming next year. You could see if your localish VW dealer has an ID.3 you could test drive?

Yes they are more expensive than ICE cars, there is a secondhand market but it's a little pricey at the moment.

Just be careful if you test drive a Porker Taycan

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