If you'd rather try one without committing then I can recommend ONTO (used to be EVezy). https://on.to/ You can register and say which of their cars you would like and then wait for one to become available. It's a subscription type system where you pay a monthly fee while you have the car and can hand it back or change it at any time. All motoring costs such as insurance, servicing etc are included.
I chose a BMW i3 and got it in April (I think a lot of people handed theirs back at start of lockdown). It's been really good. I charge it with a standard lead out of my front window from a 3 pin plug and it takes all day to fully charge. The performance is astonishing - the acceleration is 7.3 seconds 0-60mph and actually feels faster than my 1980 Plus8!
A good way of dipping your toe in the electric water.