Wondering if anybody has had the issue. The 8-way fuseboard under the driverside bonnet, first fuse on inboard side of fusebox, 30A. This fuse seems to support everything ! I don't think I've ever used all the consumers at once prior to my run a coup,e of nights ago. However with the fuel pump, heated screen and heater blower running this fuse literally melted (the plastic fuse structure!) due to overload and everything except Hazard lights died. I switched off the non essential loads, blower, heated screen, replaced the fuse and i was away. I need to measure the current with the loads connected so I'll need a 0 to 40 amp ammeter me thinks. I have this wiring loom diagram which i've used before but difficult to interprate into "wiring diagram". Just as an aside the diagram shows a 40A fuse used in one location and checking a similar fuseboard at ECS 30A is max permissable. I think i may need to change the fuseboard due heat damage to the fuse carrier terminals and at the same time separate the circuits via a additional fuses, i.e. install a 10 way board. Has anybody had a similar experiance with this set up.