I have a 1953 plus 4 with steel wheels.

I went to remove the front offside brake drum today, but was confused (easily done!).

Loosened the brake adjust, took the wheel off. Expected to see one or two countersunk screws that needed to be undone to allow the drum to come off - but I could not see those at all. Pressed on anyway, hitting the drum in various directions with a heavy hammer and a block of wood. The drum rotates so the brakes are not frozen. But of coursse it does not want to coe off. y plan is to use a hub puller tomorrow but `maybe I just can't see the countersunk screws under the paint. Are there any drums that don't have these countersunk screws? Photo attached hopefully. Do I need to remove the big nut on the axle? I was assuming this was just a dust cover.


[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

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