Moron thieving vandals!

I have been concerned about getting my M3W stolen in France by casual thieves, so have a concealed battery master switch, not that that will stop professionals. If I am going away for a few days, I remove a front wheel and lock it up, hidden at the back of my cellar , behind the boiler and put a very heavy chain round the rear wheel and suspension. I had my Yamaha Raptor 700R sports quad bike stolen from outside my French house. It was chained to a post concreted into the ground. It looked like they had used a 4WD vehicle to pull the post out and then put the whole lot onto a trailer. To add insult to injury, they hit my Panamera with the trailer when leaving. It was the weekend when the circus and fair was in the village, with speakers blaring until 2AM, so I had my windows shut and did not hear the theft. The police said that thefts seem to follow the circus wherever it goes and my quad was probably on a fishing boat with other stolen quads, scooters and motorbikes, en route to Morocco within 24 hours. The thieves were obviously very professional, as they found and had disabled the tracker, before I discovered the theft the next morning.