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I had a Rutherford lightweight, I'did a season of autocross with it. The build and quality of the fiberglass and lightweight gauge
chassis was excellent. The main trouble with car was the suspension travel was to short for grass racing. The car was never registered for road use. It needed to much work and money to convert. I sold it back to a tarmac racer. Think his name was Allen Kennedy.

Yes Alan Kennedy was one of the better Morgan racers in my days on the track (late 60s to mid 80s)

He was a member of the MSCC Vikings Team at the 1978 Donnington 6 Hour relay race , where we came second.

His car was blue with a Lotus twin cam engine as I remember. It would have been set up for the track , not grass tracks! so I am not surprised that it was a handful on the rough
. It seemed a good idea at the time, but I was young then. PS I bought it as a rolling shell direct from David Rutherford, i think it might have been his own hill climb car.

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.+8 Now gone for a 1800 4/4. Duratec in bright yellow.