I'd be interested to know if anybody else has a Mallory distributor (Part No. 4768901H) fitted to their +8? The standard Lucas ignition set up (distributor and amplifier) was replaced on my car by a previous owner with aforesaid Mallory distributor, and it has proved something of a challenge over the past couple of seasons, due in no small part to conflicting information on the internet regarding whether a ballast resistor is needed, and which coil to use. Mallory stated a ballast resistor was always needed (that also being the received wisdom) but Holley - who took over Mallory - stated that providing the ignition coil was 1.4 ohms primary resistance or greater, no ballast resistor was needed.

Without boring everyone to death, I now have a collection of coils and a few Mallory pick-ups, all due to assorted failures and/or mismatched bits of kit. I am now running a ballast resistor and a 1.5 ohm coil, and at least the car is running well at lower and higher rpm (and goes further than the expiry 50 yards from home that happened on the way to the first sprint this year).

So....if there's any Mallory users in +8s, what set-up do you have, please?



Red 1993 +8 3.9

North Yorkshire