Well, new to me, as in a new look. I fancied a change to alloys for a while, then I read up on all the tales of how difficult changing hubs was! Undeterred, or maybe just doggedly determined, I sourced wheels and hubs, the latter from Terry at G.E.E. "Do it here" he said, "don't worry, Ive got a spline hub puller and some really long bars somewhere, and if we need to we can heat them up under tension and go for lunch, they may spring off when we're not looking!"
Well, having set too with the front hubs, and peining off the rust build up, I crossed my fingers that Terry could find the puller, and it would work. No need for worry, there was the puller in the corner- well, Terry found it, I could only see a pile of metal, but then I'm not an engineer! but I do usually know where I've put something. "Make sure you wind it on the right side, dont forget to remove washer, put the nut back backwards, and wind it up." Blow me, the rear hub popped off with a couple or three turns! Three cheers Terry! Light work in the end, though I hadn't factored new bearings for the front's ( nearside race was pitted and scored), so back tomorrow to finish off, with Dot on stilts awy from home tonight. Happy with progress so far, and so nice to work on a hard level(ish) surface. Maybe next year I'll get to play indoors!

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