Hi Derek,

I'm not sure what the CX hood material is but if vinyl then they can "contract" in the cold or lack of use.

If you need to adjust the male prongs look internally for light coming through the seal. When there isn’t any your pretty much done (although my car shows slight light near the pivots cos they are too high).

Hopefully your catches will be operating at the same time but, if one disengages firstly, the spring pressure will lift the hood on a tilt putting an unequal load on the other catch. Ad hoc opening through the wheel well may be needed.

I had to replace my catches so from experience hood/catch adjustment can be quite difficult and the info from JohnV6 and IcePack is correct (although my male catches (prongs) aren't bent), there is, however, a small amount of back and forth adjustment at the fixing positions of the hoop pivot.

Yes, I too would use a dealer if under warranty.

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