The male conical shaped prongs attached to hood have a slot in the pointed end. With a broad blade screwdriver unscrew each (anti-clockwise) half a turn at a time. If the catches work OK without hood attached to windscreen it won't need much adjustment. Spray grease into receiving sockets regularly and maybe a smear on the prongs as well. An occasional squirt of spray grease onto each catch mechanism underneath won't go amiss either.

With hood attached to screen it should be possible to engage catches by pushing down hard with both hands either side of each. You can usually hear them click into place if properly lubricated.

I've noticed that mohair hoods do tighten a little when drying so always ensure the hood is errected until thoroughly dried after washing car.


2018 Roadster - Red/Magnolia - "Morton"
1966 Land Rover series 2a SWB
1945 Moto Guzzi Airone