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Wonderful, I liked the way he affectionately patted the scuttle, reminds me of my dad who always patted the car after a run and said ‘thank you Betsie’ started with his Ford Y Model and finished with his last Ford Focus 🤣.

Charming film.


Not being on Facebook and not wanting to be a part of it`s processes, I did not get to see rhe vid, but I did like the tale of your dad`s interaction with his cars Colin...(-:

Seems we have evolved into a society that takes so much for granted, and which seems very different from the expectations of the parents of the baby boomers, but then I guess that is just down to natural evolutionary processes... Being a selective Luddite it seems I tend to be a tad resistant to some aspects of evolution, and more than happy with an old carb fed +8, bought as a simple machine that could hopefully be repaired and maintained by a simple person like me.

Typing of evolution it seems logical that quite a few of the folk who used to buy Trads were also happy to perform their own maintenance tasks and more and I guess all the processes of digitisation and emission regulations just made life that bit more expensive and complex when it came to resolving the expectedd foibles of the output of a small motor manufacturer..I guess the ageing process of owners also plays a part, typing of one who`s tools seem to be gathering cobwebs and even a degree of corrosion with the passage of time.... As for the old Mog, I suspect it may be a bit like the cockroaches and still running around when the more complex machinery gives up the ghost for any of the multitudes of reasons they can fail in time..?