Hello everyone!

I'm about to change the front indicators of my 2020 3-wheeler. Because I'm tired of having their support broken due to the poor design (ridiculously weak welding to the light arm). It’s the second time it breaks in a few months. Same side (right). But I bet that the left one may break any moment too. Or the right one again if I let MMC to reinstall another new lights’ arm under warranty.

This said, I have a simple question I hope you may help me with: is it possible to remove the end of the wires – the metal pins – out of the connector? So, I can slide the new indicator’s wiring through the existing corrugated hoses and simply redo the end pins and insert them back into the connector.

This one with the red and white wires coming from the indicator.
[Linked Image]

I hope I explained myself correctly.

I’m asking because if I can do this, I can do all the wiring comfortably at home. Otherwise I may cut the existing wires, and weld them to the new short ones of the new indicator, but in the garage, just by the front light and the engine, with little room and light.

Javier - Madrid, Spain - Commander of Speedy Marmots Bomb Squadron