Sounds mad, but as the weather has got hotter so the windscreen on my Roadster has developed the most annoying squeak. It sounds as if it's coming from the lower edge towards the centre, it's pretty much constant and it seems to be getting louder by the day. I've eliminated what I think are other possible noise sources in that general area, including sidescreen-to-door fit and lubricating the bonnet tapes. It looks as if the original 13-year old black sealant between the lower edge of the screen and the chrome surround is still in place and has gone a bit crispy. I don't really relish taking out the screen for a general look-see, especially single-handed (and it's pretty-much impossible to photograph). Has anyone else had the same issue, and cured it -- if so how ? I'm thinking some kind of penetrating sealer, dribbled in from the outside, but don't know if it exists..... frown

2009 3-litre Roadster "Ivor", royal ivory / green